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Using Emla numbing cream

Whether you’re using Emla for a needle or laser procedure, we’ve got you covered.

Emla application: The basics

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Before applying

Make sure you plan ahead before you use Emla – the cream takes a while to achieve its numbing effect. Put it on about 1 hour before your procedure. Exact timings may vary depending on your age and the type of procedure. Make sure you check the patient information leaflet for details.

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After applying

Don’t rub in the cream; you need a thick layer for Emla’s numbing effect. Cover with an air-tight, water-tight dressing. When it’s time for your procedure, you or your practitioner can remove the dressing and wipe off the cream.

What are you using Emla for?

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Patient information leaflet

For more information on how to apply Emla, download the full patient information leaflet.

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