How to apply Emla

Unsure of how to apply Emla? Watch our ‘How to apply’ video for easy step-by-step instructions and helpful tips.

In case you need a reminder, here’s your handy checklist:


Check where the needle(s) will be going in (your doctor or nurse can tell you).


Apply a splodge of Emla cream – don’t rub it in.


Cover with an air-tight, water-tight (occlusive) dressing.


Keep an eye on the clock – Emla can be left on for 1-5 hours
(up to 1 hour for babies under 1 year).

Make sure you plan ahead before you use Emla – the cream takes around an hour to achieve its numbing effect so put it on about 60 minutes before the needle procedure.

For further information, see the Patient Information leaflet provided with your Emla cream or click here to download.