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Ever wished you could wave a magic wand to help ease the pain of needles?

Why Emla & kids?

From blood tests to jabs for a foreign holiday, needles are an inevitable part of your child’s life. And let’s not forget the many immunisations they will need for school, along with other vaccinations e.g. HPV vaccination at 12-13 years of age. Needles can be painful – and unmanaged pain may lead some children to develop a fear of needles.

Emla can help reduce needle pain, which may in turn ease your child’s stress and fear. As a trusted numbing cream, Emla has been available in the UK for more than 20 years. To help your child face needles with confidence, try Emla numbing cream, available without prescription from your local pharmacy or UK-registered online pharmacies.

Why Emla is Mum’s Magic Cream

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When can I use Emla on my child?



Blood tests

Blood tests

Cannula (drip) insertions

Cannula (drip) insertions



Buy Emla for your child’s needle procedure

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Buy Emla for your child’s needle procedure

Ready to try Emla numbing cream? You can buy Emla without prescription from your local pharmacy or UK-registered online pharmacies here.

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How to apply Emla on your child

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Tips for applying Emla to your child

Emla kids
  • Step 1. Get ready

    Allow plenty of time to apply Emla cream to your child and get ready for the appointment. Dress young children in loose, "needle-friendly" clothing and arrive in plenty of time for their appointment to minimise stress and anxiety.

  • Step 2. Stay calm

    Kids take their cues from their grown-ups, so try and stay calm about the procedure. If you can’t stay calm, consider asking a family member or trusted friend to take them to the appointment.

  • Step 3. Be honest

    Always be honest with your child about what’s going to happen. Use gentle, matter-of-fact language to explain what will happen – even with toddlers.

  • Step 4. Distract them

    Bring along their favourite toy, book or game to keep them occupied in the waiting room. Older children or teens might want to play a game on their phone or tablet to relax. For younger children, try singing to them or ask them a question as the needle is about to go in.

  • Step 5. Make it better

    If your child is upset after the procedure, hold them close and reassure them, and consider skin-to-skin contact for younger children and babies. Even older children may need a hug when it’s all over!

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Patient information leaflet

For more information on how to apply Emla, download the full patient information leaflet.

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Emla & medical procedures

Emla numbing cream eases the pain of needles for grown-ups too

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